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About the Club

Altair trampoline club was set up in 2004 by Jon Wall. It was originally located at North Solihull Sports Centre but has recently moved to CTC Kingshurst Academy. In 2018 the club moved back to North Solihull Sports centre where they are now based.

The club was originally called Chelmsley Stars which was created in 1998, which later became Central Galaxy when it merged with Coventry Trampoline Club. After several years the two clubs parted ways in 2004 and Chelmsley Stars became Altair.

The club was named after the star 'Altair' which is the brightest star in the Aquila constelation. Altair means 'The Eagle' which is how it is depicted in the sky and was named after the Eagle that belonged to Zeus.

Altair Logo

The picture on the right shows the Altair Stair in space.

Altair shown in space